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Marketing Tomorrows Dreams
Marketing Tomorrows Dreams
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  Multi Dollar Platform - What Are We Exacly  

Multi Dollar Platform wants to welcome you to the newest model of a complete online solution to your online business.  We know the struggles. We understand the frustrations and we also realize that the top dogs in the online business world sell partial systems and leave you in the dark with the rest of your online business. They sell an email marketing system or a PLR pack or some resell rights product.  They indulge on your dollars while you struggle to make your first dollar in profits. How do we know?

Because we have been there.  We are just an association of several successful business entities online today.  We are designing ourselves as we speak to create a stress-free environment for online businesses and entrepreneurs to learn and grow at their pace instead of just pushing sales pitches and squeeze pages at you.

One Concept Most Entrepreneurs Forgot:

The one concept most entrepreneurs forgot in their squeeze pages is the impertinent fact that you are starting off and most likely do not have funds to throw away or give away to help them get rich. Most are looking for the great conversion rate products and forget about the rest.  That is why we are making plenty of money with little efforts to sale you anything.

Information is the highway that we have used to build ourselves into a successful online business. You can list and sale like the sidewalls of our site here and make no money.  Or you can leverage the playing fields in competition by learning the ins and outs of a successful online business. 

Buying The Next Big Trend

Let’s face the cold hard facts in the squeeze pages. The reason they are making the money they are is because they have formulated their business successfully. Facebook is a leverage point as a good example. But this Past week they have been wrapped in the media nightmare with the issues of false accounts, false media plays in a political scandal that spans internationally. 

So, go ahead if you want to buy the facebook models because they are the money trend today.  There is also the Twitter, youtube and many more. Before that it was MySpace.  This is not about setting a quick sale. A True entrepreneur uses their resources in many and or all of the avenues to better harness the profits of their online business. 

All the avenues of revenue that are sold by the thousands today can and mostlikely will fade out tomorrow.  It is the challenge of the entrepreneur to harness those methods and other methods that do not fade away so easily. 

So, enjoy our site and visit our partners to look into more depths of how you harness the online business successfully. Online Business Dollar Sense carries a wealth of articles to help you on this quest.




Latest News About Business
1 Jan 1970 00:00
GOLETA, Kalifornien--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Transphorm Inc. —der führende Hersteller von Halbleitern aus Galliumnitrid (GaN) mit höchster Zuverlässigkeit und nur qualifizierter Hochspannung (HV)—hat heute bestätigt, dass der führende Stromversorgungshersteller TDK-Lambda, ein Unternehmen der TDK-Gruppe, sein erstes GaN-basiertes AC-DC-Netzteil auf den Markt gebracht hat. Das voll funktionsfähige, auf 504 W geschätzte PFH500F-28 ist die neueste Generation des Moduls mit AC-DC-Grundplatte und gekühlter
1 Jan 1970 00:00
圣迭哥--(BUSINESS WIRE)--(美国商业资讯)--业界唯一的普及数据情报公司Teradata (NYSE: TDC)今天宣布董事会已任命Oliver Ratzesberger担任总裁兼首席执行官(CEO),即日起生效。Ratzesberger将接任Victor L. Lund的工作,Victor L. Lund则从总裁兼首席执行官职位转至董事会执行主席职位。 Ratzesberger自2018年2月起担任Teradata首席运营官(COO),负责公司的全球运营,并领导公司的市场、产品和服务战略。他于2013年加入Teradata,在2016年至2018年期间担任公司执行副总裁兼首席产品官,领导Teradata的研发组织。在加入Teradata之前,他在多家成熟公司及初创公司成就了先进技术创新领域的杰出职业生涯。 在担任首席运营官期间,Ratzesberger与Lund合作架构并实施公司转型。此项任命反映了公司对于Ratzesberger接任Lund职位的信心,及对于继续执行公司战略及发展其文化和价值观的信心。 Ratzesberger表示:“我很荣幸成为Teradata
1 Jan 1970 00:00
聖地牙哥--(BUSINESS WIRE)--(美國商業資訊)--業界唯一的普及資料情報公司Teradata (NYSE: TDC)今天宣佈,董事會已任命Oliver Ratzesberger擔任總裁兼執行長(CEO),即日起生效。Ratzesberger將接任Victor L. Lund的工作,Victor L. Lund則從總裁兼執行長職位轉任董事會執行董事長。 Ratzesberger自2018年2月起擔任Teradata營運長(COO),負責公司的全球營運,並領導公司的市場、產品和服務策略。他於2013年加入Teradata,在2016年至2018年期間擔任公司執行副總裁兼產品長,領導Teradata的研發組織。在加入Teradata之前,他在多家成熟公司及初創公司成就了先進科技創新領域的傑出職業生涯。 在擔任營運長期間,Ratzesberger與Lund合作規劃並實施公司轉型。此項任命反映了董事會對於Ratzesberger接任Lund職位的信心,及對於繼續執行公司策略及發展其文化和價值的信心。 Ratzesberger表示:「我很榮幸成為Teradata的新任執行長,我們
1 Jan 1970 00:00
GOLETA, Californie--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Transphorm Inc., le leader en conception et fabrication des semi-conducteurs haute tension (HT) en nitrure de gallium (GaN), les plus fiables,a annoncé aujourd’hui que le fabricant d’alimentations de premier plan TDK-Lambda, une société du groupe TDK, a lancé sa première alimentation CA-CC au GaN. Le PFH500F-28 504 W à fonctions complètes est le module d’alimentation CA/CC sur embase de refroidissement de dernière génération de la société. Le module d’alimen
1 Jan 1970 00:00
SAN DIEGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--A Teradata (NYSE: TDC), a única empresa de inteligência pervasiva de dados do setor, anunciou hoje que seu conselho de administração indicou Oliver Ratzesberger presidente e diretor executivo com vigência imediata. Ratzesberger dá continuidade ao trabalho de Victor L. Lund, que deixa de atuar como presidente e diretor executivo para assumir a presidência executiva do conselho de administração. Ratzesberger atua como diretor de operações da Teradata desde fevereiro de
1 Jan 1970 00:00
SAN DIEGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Teradata (NYSE : TDC), la seule société d'intelligence omniprésente des données (« pervasive data intelligence ») du secteur, a annoncé aujourd'hui que son Conseil d'administration avait nommé Oliver Ratzesberger au président-directeur général (PDG) et chef de la direction, avec effet immédiat. M. Ratzesberger succède à Victor L. Lund, qui passe de son rôle de PDG et chef de la direction à celui de président exécutif du Conseil d'administration. M. Ratzesberger était
1 Jan 1970 00:00
CHONBURI, Thailand--(BUSINESS WIRE)--TurbineAero, a portfolio company of The Gores Group, announced today the acquisition of the APU piece part repair product line (“RPL”) from Triumph Aviation Services Asia, Ltd. The acquisition of this business segment integrates APU piece part repair into the APU Systems MRO in TurbineAero’s Asia facility which increases in-house capabilities, improves turn-times and assures extra cost reduction. Effective immediately, the integration will take place in Turb
1 Jan 1970 00:00
SUZHOU, China--(BUSINESS WIRE)--lt;a href="" target="_blank"gt;#automotivelt;/agt;--Smithers Rapra, a world leader in rubber, plastics, and composites testing expertise, announced today that it is opening a new product testing laboratory in Suzhou. The new 4,000 sq. ft. facility provides air leak and burst, cleanliness, material properties, salt spray, and pressure, vibration, and temperature (PVT) testing. The new laboratory will be positioned to support the quickly evolving automotive market in China with fluid transfer system expertise. This
1 Jan 1970 00:00
DURHAM, N.C.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--lt;a href="" target="_blank"gt;#BPMlt;/agt;--Today ProcessMaker was formally named a 2019 Edison Awards Nominee. The Edison Awards™ is an annual competition honoring excellence in new product and service development, marketing, human-centered design, and innovation. ProcessMaker is a leader in workflow and business process management. Last year, ProcessMaker launched ProcessMaker IQ, a product extension which enables SaaS companies to quickly add approval workflows to their products with no internal developm
1 Jan 1970 00:00
SACRAMENTO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--LIBERTY Dental Plan is honored to announce that on January 8, 2019, we received the “High 5 Award” from the Sacramento, California First 5 Commission at the “Raise Up Sacramento” ceremony held at the Golden One Center. The award was given in recognition of the work LIBERTY is doing in Sacramento County, along with Health Net and Access Dental, for improving the lives of children and families through sustainable funding for children’s dental services, includi
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